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Q. What kind of information is needed?

Good Communication Is Essential To A Great Outcome

-Feelings And Areas Of Concern-
* Weight Goals, Weight changes, Weight Stable

* Uneven Shoulders, Chest, Legs, Hips, Pregnancy, Nursing

-Comfort Level-
* Modesty, Cleavage, Low Back, Tight Fit, Loose Fit

-Function Level-
* Mobility, Walking, Dancing, Photographing With Train…Without

Q. What to bring to fitting appointments?

* Shoes, Heel Height (Practice walking forward with shoes to determine mobility.)

* Undergarments, Bra, Spanks, Slip, Crinoline

(Crinoline can raise a hemline between 1/2 - 2 inches.)

(Extra coarse tulle can be sewn into an inner layer.)

* Work schedule

* Desired completion date

Q. How are charges/pricing figured on gowns?

Alterations/adjustments to these gowns take time and many skill sets.

Estimating cost can not always be judged on that first fitting because…

Today’s fabrics and dress designs change every year. The techniques used by manufactures

when applying embelishments (beading, appliques, sequins, lace) on various fabrics

(chiffon, tulle, organza, power mesh, bra mesh) not only require knowledge of gown

construction, but also require a creative/trained eye in dealing with body inperfections while

striving to maintain the integrity of the gown.

Minimum costs average between $250 - $350
Customizing Includes……………
Vintage redesigning
Lining areas of irritation
Apex of Bust
Darts in cups / waist / shoulders
Lengthen hem / waist
Add sleeves
Add / changes to sweatheart

I started Adele's Alterations in 1995 while working at the Sioux Falls School District as an educational assistant in special education.  I enjoy working with the children and working in the bridal business where I get to use my God given talents.
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